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okay, before you will notice that a good portion of them also have listings over on the Frankfurt exchange (Secondary listings) if you actually do your homework on some of these companies, especially the ones mentioned on the website I've talked about. There is a reason that is good this! Over in Germany, you can find less regulations with regards to the SEC, thus making it a lot better to promote a companies stock. I am maybe not talking about classic pump and dump schemes here, I am dealing with precisely promoting a businesses stock whenever business is legitimately seeking fresh brand new investors, and would like a wider market to see their company. Like somewhere else, you must know, and work with the people that are proper. The Frankfurt isn't any exception to the rule. Otherwise, you're prone to getting your company pay down a lot on promotion and acquire absolutely nothing in exchange. This takes place ALL the time. The Frankfurt change is run almost exactly like the AMEX. Professional driver, in the place of dealer motorist. While the AMEX could be the one biggest stone that is stepping the NYSE. Let us go over how the Frankfurt works when it comes to U.S. companies that duel list over there.

First, i will dismiss one myth. Must be ongoing company is detailed over here doesn't necessarily signify it will show amount regarding the Deutsch-Borse....